Designed to generate a mixture of gas and aerosol, a necessary volumetric concentration which stops the flame from burning


AGS-2/4 is resistant to vibration, and is therefore recommended for the protection of vehicles. It is also used in areas of average volume. AGS-2/4 has a number of modifications in types of attachment and the direction of aerosol spray. 






The AGS 2/4 is cylinder-shaped with a metal case, and has a nozzle cap on the exterior. Due to the contact cooler inside the body, it has a low temperature aerosol spray.

Principle of operation:

By applying an electrical pulse to the activation unit that is installed inside the generator, the aerosol charge is ignited. Combustion products passing through the cooling unit, exit through the nozzle on the cover of the generator and enter the protected area.

Manufacturer"s warranty:

The manufacturer guarantees the generator agrees with the Russian National Standard technical requirements if the consumer abides by the instructions specified in the instruction manual.

The warranty period for the generator - 18 months.

Utilization period - 5 years.

Lifetime - 10 year 

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