Designed for generating gas-aerosol mixture at concentrations required to extinguish a fire.
Recommended to use fire-extinguishing systems for premises of large volumes.



 The generator consists of a cylinder with a metal case, which is located at the end of the nozzle cover. The  AGS-8/2  is almost identical to the AGS-7/2,but due to labyrinth cooling system, the aerosol and air begins to mix, which significantly reduces the temperature of the gas-aerosol spray.



        Principle of operation:

By applying an electrical or thermal pulse on node startup, a solid aerosol charge is ignited. Products of combustion pass through the nozzle on the cover of the generator, and the aerosol enters the designated area.

        Manufacturer"s warranty:

The manufacturer guarantees the generator to the technical requirements and Russian standards if the consumer follows the conditions specified in the instruction manual.

The warranty period for the generator - 18 months.

                                                                    Exploitation period - 5 years.

                                                                    Service period - 10 years.

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