PPCT «ALTO 2000»: advantages, applications, principle of operation

Areas of use

PPCT "ALTO-2000" - protection of premises of industrial facilities, banks, warehouses, underground and aboveground garages, tunnels, residential and administrative buildings, as well as other facilities, the conditions for the application of the blocks correspond to their design.

Fire control devices with control devices for automatic fire protection devices "ALTO 2000" are designed for:

• For autonomous work;

• Work in conjunction with the fire alarm system in the part of receiving notifications from an external fire alarm (FQP) device, by connecting the contacts of the external PCB relay to the device loops;

• To connect fire detectors that are directly connected to fire alarm loops;

• Forming and issuing teams for the launch of automatic fire extinguishing means in the directions (up to sixteen);

• Management of light and sound notification;

• To generate a signal to turn off ventilation and switch on other devices;

• provision of signals about the occurrence of a fire or malfunction in the trains or devices to the operator and further transfer to the central monitoring station (CMS).

  The number of detectors of any type corresponding to DSTU EN 54-5, DSTU EN 54-7, DSTU EN 54-10, DSTU EN 54-11, DSTU EN 54-12 - up to 32 pieces simultaneously connected to each loop. (however, the total number of detectors of any type should not exceed 512 pieces per block Alto 2000 CPU);

• Automatic and manual start-up of fire extinguishing means on separate electric circuits with continuous monitoring of line integrity (power supply of fire extinguishing means is provided from specially designed UPS unit);

• Possibility of application with various AUP - aerosol, gas, powder and others, having means of automatic start-up;

Advantages of PPCT "ALTO 2000"

The company has an ISO9001: 2008 quality system, so the quality of the instruments is very high;

• Each block of the device passes 100% input control of parameters and testing of serviceability, which causes the highest reliability of operation;

• Application of components in the manufacture of components only from well-known world brands in the field of microelectronics also determines the highest stability of the characteristics of devices, which also increases their reliability;

• Ease of configuring the system by applying different numbers and composition of units. At the same time, the system can be adapted to any object, based on its individual characteristics.

• Simplicity of work with the device and its maintenance, due to the thoughtful arrangement of control elements and display elements;

• The tests showed that the temperature characteristics of the units can range from -30 to +50 degrees Celsius, which completely covers all possible temperatures for our latitudes;

• The instruments fully comply with the requirements of Table D of Appendix D of GOST 13109-97 ("Electrical Energy: Electromagnetic Compatibility of Electricity Generation in General Purpose Power Systems") and can withstand short-term voltage surges up to 400V alternating current.

Operating principle

Fire control devices "ALTO 2000" TU U 31.6-16307479-001: 2006 are built according to the block principle, which makes it possible to use them in various versions of applications for fire alarm systems and automatic fire extinguishing systems of any configuration and complexity.

The device receives signals from thermal, smoke and other types of sensors included in the AL of the device (these may be the ALTO 2000 CU ALS, or the Alto 2000 BKP AL), or from the manual start buttons (both external and located on the front panels "Alto 2000 CP" and "Alto 2000 BKP"), and generates fire alarm signals (Pozhar !, connected to Alto 2000 CP), and 30 seconds. warning signals before the start-up (NEO "Leave!", connected to "Alto 2000 OPF"), and warning signals about the supply to the protected room of the extinguishing agent (NEO "Do not enter!", connected to the "Alto 2000 BKP").

After expiration of the evacuation time (30 seconds), the fire extinguishing agent is delivered to the protected premises, extinguishing takes place directly, and outputs for controlling the ventilation shutdown devices are also activated on the Alto 2000 CPU and Alto 2000 BKP units.

If there is any malfunction in the system, the output "fault" is activated.

Schematically, the system in the maximum configuration is shown in Fig. 1

                           Picture 1 . An example of constructing an automatic fire-fighting control system (up to 16 extinguishing directions) based on the Alto 2000 unit blocks


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