Designed for generating gas-aerosol mixture at concentrations required to stop a fire. It is recommended to form fire-extinguishing systems for premises of average volumes.



 The generator AGS-7/1 consists of a cylinder with a metal case, which is located at the end of the nozzle cover. Due to the injector that is mounted on the generator, the aerosol and air begins to mix, which significantly reduces the temperature of the gas-aerosol spray.


                                                                      Principle of operation:

    By applying an electrical or thermal pulse on node startup, a solid aerosol charge is ignited. Products of combustion pass through the nozzle on the cover of the generator, and the aerosol enters the designated area.

         Manufacturer"s warranty:

The manufacturer guarantees the generator to the technical requirements and Russian standards if the consumer follows the conditions specified in the instruction manual.

The warranty period for the generator - 18 months.

                                                              Period - 5 years.

                                                              Service life - 10 years.


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