Block "ALTO 2000 LSA"    is designed to work as part of the Alto 2000 device executions 1 - 4 on

TU U 31.6-16307479-001: 2006 as an LSA - annunciator of light and sound (or light and sound). The unit notifies about the fire alarm or fire extinguishing system and fire-fighting automatics. It is possible to use the block autonomously as an LSA.

    Scope of application - protection of premises at industrial facilities, banks, warehouses, underground and overground garages, residential and administrative buildings, tunnels, and other facilities. The conditions of application of the blocks must correspond to their design.

 The unit has an attention-grabbing warning label and provides the following alerts:

• light - blinking of the rulers of red LEDs;

• sound - periodic activation of the siren;

• speech - periodic playback of the message on the built-in loudspeaker, previously recorded in the memory of the unit.


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